Do You Have Closets, Drawers, or Boxes full of Race T-Shirts?

DigiTeeze will photograph your T-shirts, bibs, medals, trophies and more, and design a beautiful piece of art you can hang on your wall at home or in your office. To make the piece uniquely yours, add race photos, a header, footer, or captions at no additional cost.

Your DigiTeeze T-shirt art can be printed as a poster or on canvas, whichever you prefer.

How does it Work?

You select the race T-shirts and other items you want in your DigiTeeze art. Trophies, medals and photos from your races all work great. Then choose your layout based on the number of items you have, choose background and outline colors, specify titles and captions if you want them, and fill out your order form. Send us your order form by email or include it with your items when you ship them to us and we will invoice you for a deposit amount. You can contact us by email at or call us at 719-623-7535.

We professionally photograph your items to show them to their best advantage, perform any color correction or digital repairs required, and design your DigiTeeze art according to your instructions. Once you have reviewed, approved, and paid the balance due, we print and ship your poster or canvas print directly to you.

Finally--and this is key--we ship you back your race t-shirts, bibs, and medals so you can continue to wear or display them.

What does it Cost?

The cost varies by the number of items (race T-shirts, jackets, trophies, medals or photos) you want us to include in your T-shirt print, and by the final product you choose. For more information on prices, see the DigiTeeze order form.

image of Bay to Breakers print

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